BD Fortessa X20

BD Fortessa X20 is a state - of - the - art analyser equipped with 5 spatially separated lasers (UV - 355nm, Violet-405nm, Blue-488nm, Yellow-Green -561nm and Red- 640nm). It has capacity to measure up to 18 fluorescent parameters at the time. This cytometer is equipped with HTS - high throughput sampler which allows you to load your samples directly from 96/384 wp. Thanks to different excitation wavelenghts fluorescent spillover may be easier to manage. With our present configuration most of the visible fluorescent spectrum is covered by optical filters, however if you need different filter setup for your experiment - please ask facility staff for assistance (there are different filters available).

Yellow-Green laser allows you to excite RFP proteins - mCherry, tdTomato, dsRed, mRuby etc.

Machine is controlled by Diva software - please contact us to arrange a training session.

Cytometer configuration is available here.

Setup instructions (pictures)

Setup instruction (plain text)

Machine can be booked via calpendo booking system - it is labelled as BD X20.