Flow Cytometry is a powerful technique that allows you to test multiple parameters of your sample (i.e immunofluorescence analysis, cell-cycle and proliferation analysis, analysis of transfected fluorescent tags and many more) by fluorescence readout. Main advantages of this technique are accuracy and speed. You can analyse millions of cells in a matter of minutes and gather fluorescent data for every single cell you run through the analyser.

The Flow Cytometry Facility offers state-of-the-art service to scientists from the Dunn School as well as for the external users. We offer help and advice on panel design, flow data analysis and cell sorting.

Facility users have access to 2 flow cytometric analysers, 2 cell sorters and an imaging cytometer - the Imagestream (please check equipment for details).

We offer full training on all of our analysers which can then be accessed 24 hours a day through using our booking system. Cell sorting is offered as a service by dedicated staff only. Cell sorting service - this powerful technique allows you to enrich a population of interest or source single cells of interest from cell suspension. Cells after this procedure are viable, resuspended in media of your choice. Cells can be placed in different types of collection tubes or plates (24wp, 96wp, 384wp).

Please contact us for training and any inquiries.